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Statewide Express is a trucking company that guarantees 100% satisfaction if you choose us to handle your transportation needs. All of our customers including wide range of shippers and freight brokers are happy to do business with our company. With Statewide Express you get the excellent service from our experienced drivers with necessary equipment (variety of trucks and trailers), that will arrive shortly after you call for a pick-up, patiently wait while the shipment is loaded, inspect shipment, secure and tarp the load if needed and carefully deliver your load from a pick-up location directly to the freight delivery point.

Most of large shipping companies charge more than average for moving your freight due too big overhead. Also if you contact the brokerage company their fees occasionally are doubled. But it won’t happen with us! We purposely cut our overhead to a minimum so you can save money on shipping your freight.

Our dispatchers are available 24/7 to give you a status update of your freight and will contact consignee 1-2 hours before the scheduled delivery per your request and will let you know when delivery is complete.Our main goal is to deliver your freight fast, on-time, safe and without any hassle on every step of the whole transportation process. We not only deliver the loads quickly and safe; we also deliver excellent customer service to every customer! 




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